Wakodahatchee Wings


IMG_2170When you take as many photos of birds as I do, you sometimes need a little something to keep things fun. I think of different “themes”. This year I have been trying to get common birds that I often see, such as Great Herons, just taking off or landing. I have many shots of the tip of the wings or just the legs and feet in the frame. These photos may not be as good technically as some, but they are fun to try and help keep me amused while tromping around swamps. Enjoy.


IMG_1731 and


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Bird Watching Twins

This is a Purple Gallinule that I saw at Wakodahatchee Wetlands Monday. They are fun to spot and watch.
This is a Swamp Hen I saw the same day.
When you get home it is very easy to see the difference. When you are sunburned, tired, and hungry it isn’t always so easy. When you throw in juveniles, males, and females I get even more confused. I’m going through some photographs now to keep them straight in my mind for the future.

Swamp Hens.

Purple Gallinules.

Got it.

Assorted Bird Brains

These are a variety of birds that I saw on a break from the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival on a drive through Blackpoint Wildlife Drive. Just a reminder that you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy birding. You can see some real beauty from the comfort of your car.


The End

More Viera Wetlands with Maxis

The day I spent with Max Gamez at Viera Wetlands was rainy and cold. Even so, I learned a lot and we saw several cool creatures. I’ll share some…

I always picture eagles in the snow with majestic mountains as a background. I am getting used to seeing them almost daily around palm trees.

This is just a very wet osprey, but I got some really comical shots of him.



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Just another rainy day with the birds at Viera Wetlands.

2016 Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival

I had some great teachers at the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival this year. I was able to go out in the field with Maxis Gamez to Viera Wetlands. It was raining and cold but I learned a lot and got some great shots. I had heard most of this advice before, but having him beside me made me really understand what it takes to prepare for a shot. There are two palm trees here with nests in the top of them.


I got several good shots but these are my favorites.

This is a male Great Blue Herron bringing some nesting material to the nest.


They danced around a bit and I was able to take several shots.


I was also able to catch him when he took off. He repeated this behavior several times and Maxis and I were ready with our cameras. The sun would peek though occasionally to help with the lighting.

If you are interested in seeing Maxis’s work or signing up for his workshops, you can find him online at www.gvisions.orgIMG_1253

Did I mention, Max is also quite a cutie?

If you are tired of bird photos, pass on this blog for the next few days because I and excited and want to share some of the great birds I saw and photographed last week.


Random Photos

I am going through my photographs. It is a never-ending job to organize them. This is a favorite from Savannah, Georgia. There was a city truck parked on the sidewalk, and there were many people milling around. I wanted it to seem peaceful and artistic so I had to be patient and creative.

I have a painting of this fountain hanging above my bed. I have quit buying paintings when I travel. I have too few walls, and too many photographs to continue to buy paintings.